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Ashton Coleman
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Ashton is a savvy professional who understands the industry providing white-glove service connecting South Florida's most extraordinary residences with the world’s most sophisticated buyers. With a wealth of experience, an impeccable reputation, and a keen ability to efficiently handle all facets of residential real estate, his success is attributed to an unparalleled work ethic including top-tier professional services where the art of the deal is mastered in contract negotiations, deal-making intricacies, and the end, results-driven real estate.

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Miami Penthouses, Oceanfront Condos & Luxury Estate Homes

The authority website for Miami Beach PenthousesMore Info including premier oceanfront condos for saleMore Info, beautiful Miami estate homesMore Info, and so much more representing the finest properties and luxury real estate in Miami & the beaches.

Elevate Your Lifestyle to New Heights from a Miami Penthouse

Experience a life of unparalleled luxury and sophistication with Miami Penthouses. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey filled with breathtaking ocean views, remarkable amenities, and a lifestyle that dreams are made of. The options are boundless, from Miami Beach oceanfront condos to Sunny Isles Beach condosMore Info and waterfront estate homesMore Info. Miami offers refined living and elegance that elevates your senses to new heights. Let's dive into the world of Miami PenthousesMore Info and discover your next home that awaits.

A Penthouse in Miami Embraces the Extraordinary

Miami Penthouses provide an extraordinary living experience where luxury knows no limits. With their top-floor locations, these upscale condos boast panoramic ocean views that stretch as far as the eye can see. Indulge in the vigor of golden sunrises over turquoise waters and the soothing sound of waves crashing against the shoreline. Each moment spent in these prestigious residences invites you to savor life's most extraordinary pleasures. Get ready to be wowed! Miami Penthouses redefine the meaning of opulence and extravagance. Picture yourself on the top floor of a magnificent building, with panoramic views of the sparkling ocean stretching out before you. It's like living in a dream! Enjoy the beauty of sunsets, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Miami's Unrivaled Health & Amenities

The fun doesn't stop at the front door! The allure of Miami Penthouses extends beyond the walls of each exquisite residence. Miami Penthouses have a treasure trove of top-notch amenities that will make you feel like royalty. Enjoy the convenience of dedicated concierge services that cater to your every need. Want to stay fit? Hit the fitness center and sauna to work up a sweat. Need some relaxation? Take a dip in the pristine swimming pools that overlook the ocean. And let's not forget about the dedicated concierge services that cater to your every need. Whether you seek relaxation, entertainment, or invigoration, these exceptional amenities are designed to exceed your every expectation.

Premier Miami Beach Oceanfront Condos

For those seeking the ultimate coastal retreat, Miami Beach oceanfront condosMore Info offer a haven of serenity and luxury. Step onto the soft sandy beaches, feel the warm sun on your skin, and let the ocean breeze transport you to paradise. These exquisite residences provide direct access to the beach, allowing you to indulge in the coastal lifestyle. With their proximity to fantastic dining, vibrant nightlife, and high-end shopping, these condos put you in the heart of Miami's most desirable destinations. Get ready to live your best beach life!

Sunny Isles Beach Is Where Elegance Meets the Sky

Experience a perfect fusion of elegance and sophistication in a luxury condo on Sunny Isles BeachMore Info, Florida. Rising high above the city, these remarkable residences offer awe-inspiring ocean and Miami skyline views. With their sleek designs and contemporary finishes, each condo exudes refined luxury. Immerse yourself in a world of sophistication, where modern architecture and upscale amenities create an unparalleled living experience. Prepare to be captivated by the elegance of Sunny Isles Beach condos. These stunning residences reach for the sky, offering magnificent ocean and city skyline views. The sleek designs and contemporary finishes will make you feel like you're in a modern art masterpiece.

Waterfront Homes in Miami Offer Unparalleled Luxury

For those seeking privacy, waterfront estate homes in MiamiMore Info present a world of opulence. Let's talk about grandeur! Imagine expansive spaces, lush gardens, private boat docks, and panoramic water views. It's like having your own private oasis! Immerse yourself in the splendor of these exclusive residences, where privacy and tranquility harmoniously coexist. From timeless historic Miami mansionsMore Info to sleek modern estates, waterfront homes in Miami are an embodiment of architectural magnificence. These exceptional properties come in a range of architectural styles, from Mediterranean-inspired mansions to sleek mid-century modernMore Info. Get ready to enter a world where elegance and privacy intertwine, creating a truly extraordinary haven.

Penthouses in Miami & Waterfront Estates

Miami Beach penthouses, oceanfront condos, and waterfront estate homes in Miami offer the keys to unlocking a life of luxury. From breathtaking views to world-class amenities, each residence offers an unparalleled experience. Whether you seek the coastal charm of Miami BeachMore Info, the elegance of Sunny Isles BeachMore Info, or the exclusivity of waterfront estates, the options are boundless. Embark on a journey of refined living, where sophistication and indulgence intertwine, and discover a world of unbridled luxury in the vibrant city of Miami. It's time to turn your dreams into reality! Immerse yourself in the beauty of ocean views, indulge in world-class amenities, and embrace a lifestyle that will leave you feeling pampered and fulfilled. Miami is waiting to welcome you to a world of sophistication and fun. So, are you ready to make Miami your playground of luxury? Let the adventure begin!

Miami & Surrounding Communities

Miami is a tapestry of diverse neighborhoods and single-family home communitiesMore Info, each with its own unique charm. From the trendy streets of South BeachMore Info to the elegant Coral GablesMore Info and the vibrant BrickellMore Info district to the family-friendly Coconut GroveMore Info, there is something for everyone. Whether you seek the energy of urban living or the tranquility of suburban bliss, explore the Miami communitiesMore Info offering a wide range of single-family home options. Explore the vibrant culture, exceptional dining, and stunning architecture that define each neighborhood, and find your perfect place to call home in the mosaic that is Miami.

Miami Real Estate Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

What are the current real estate market trends in Miami?

The Miami real estate market is experiencing steady growth with high demand for residential properties. A reputable Miami Realtor can provide up-to-date market insights and guide you through the best investment opportunities, so contact me today for great statistics and insights. With ever-changing monthly to yearly market trends, contact me today for detailed insights on Miami market trends for the type of property that interests you, whether a single-family home, a condo, or a rental property.

Which neighborhoods in Miami are considered the most desirable?

Miami's most desirable neighborhoods include South Beach, Miami Beach, Sunny Isles Beach, Bal HarbourMore Info, AventuraMore Info, Brickell, Coconut Grove, and Coral Gables. A Miami Broker with experience and expertise in these communities of Miami-Dade County can help you explore these areas and find the perfect location that suits your preferences.

What types of properties are available in Miami?

Miami offers diverse properties, including luxury condos, waterfront homes, penthouses, loftsMore Info, historic and mid-century, and investment properties. An experienced Miami Realtor can assist you in finding the ideal property that aligns with your lifestyle and investment goals, so contact me today for great South Florida properties.

What are the property prices and associated costs in Miami?

Property prices vary based on location and property type. A trusted Miami Broker can provide detailed cost analysis, including property taxes, HOA fees, and other expenses, ensuring clarity and transparency throughout the buying process. Condo maintenance fees may range from $.70 cents to $3.00 per square foot, while property taxes are approximately 2% of the assessed value. Are you homesteading your property? There are advantages to living in Florida full-time with no state income tax and excellent homestead exemption advantages.

How do I secure financing and navigate the buying process in Miami?

I've serviced South Florida real estate for over two decades as a reputable Miami Realtor. I can connect you with reliable mortgage lenders for quotes and guide you through the buying process with title & inspection companies, a local attorney, and vendors alike. I will ensure a smooth transaction, making your Miami real estate purchase a seamless experience so you may soon call Miami your home. Contact me today, and let's get started building your team!

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